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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

di Henry Ford, American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company (1863-1947)

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Power Engineering SRL is the design company of SmartPLC and SmartNODE systems and the design solution provider of Power Solutions SRL operating in renewable energies. Power Engineering SRL provides solutions and development services in embedded domain. The company offers end-to-end Integrated product development services. The founders of the company are professionals working in these areas with the motive to excel in the technology domain and build a successful global corporate enterprise. The development experience and strong technical skills enable us provide robust embedded solutions. The focus is on developing hardware & firmware for various equipment / instruments / products used in consumer electronics, medical electronics, process and industrial automation, communication, security & surveillance, building automation, renewable energies and many more. Endeavor to help customers add value to their products, reduce costs, increase profitability and grow their businesses. Since its foundation, Power Engineering SRL offers its customers comprehensive solutions of various levels of complexity, providing outsourcing services for electronics design for different markets: consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive electronics, automation, media and entertainment. We are focused to provide services to global clients, using our worldwide resources.

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We are ready to support you at any project stage. We can perform tasks related to the development and manufacturing of electronics (creation of an enclosure design and structure, development of software for finished hardware platforms, etc.), or undertake to perform all tasks in the development of an electronic product on a turn-key basis, from the preparation of specifications to launching into production.

Design Services

PCB and Circuit Board Design

PCBUsed in almost all electronic products, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) route signals and power between various physical devices using conductive tracks, pads and other features. These are etched on copper sheets, which are then laminated onto a substrate. PCBs came about as the need for a compact, cost-effective solution for the burgeoning electronics market grew. Replacing older methods prone to frequent short circuits and failures, nowadays PCBs are designed with dedicated layout software such as PADS or other CAD software, laying out the circuit to best suit the electronic product being developed. Single-sided PCBs have copper attached to just one side of the substrate, with copper traces on one side, and electrical parts and components on the other. Double-Sided PCBs include copper and other parts and components on both sides of the substrate. Often used in complex electronic circuits, multi-layer PCBs can have layers ranging in number from 4 to over 42, separated by insulation. The conductors on these layers are connected with plated through holes known as ‘Vias’. The soldermask is what gives the PCB its common green colour that makes it so recognisable. This is used to insulate the copper layers underneath, protecting it from contact with other solders, conductive pieces and metals. This layer also has the solder points printed on it, acting much like a map to ensure soldering is carried out in the correct spots. The final layer of the PCB is the silkscreen, applied to the soldermask. This adds important information like letters, numbers and symbols that aid in assembly. This layer also helps those who look at the board to understand its functions and connections, and are often referred to in the PCB’s design documents and manuals. At the beginning we analyze the project and identify the characteristics of the electronic system that we need to create. This preliminary phase allows us to accurately establish development times and costs as well as verify first-hand the project's compliance with needs and budget. We design the layout of the electronic board, the interconnections, defining the best construction technology. We also formalize the list of components, the diagram of the electronic printed circuit and the routing of the tracks (Gerber file), in order to guarantee the perfect functioning of the board.

Microcontroller & Firmware Development and Design

ChipIn electronic systems and computing, firmware is "the combination of a hardware device, e.g. an integrated circuit, and computer instructions and data that reside as read only software on that device". Power Engineering SRL is able to provide firmware design and developemnt for the most updated platforms such as AVR, PIC, STM32 / ARM Cortex-M, MCS51. We offer a start to finish approach to firmware. Microcontrollers are a vital piece in the electronic design and development puzzle, made up of a number of components you’re likely familiar with: a processor, memory, timers and some form of input/output. These parts are all combined on a single integrated circuit, at times as small as a grain of rice! As opposed to desktop computers, Microcontrollers are dedicated, embedded devices, used for a specific task or program. Their small form factor and relatively powerful processing capabilities makes them commonplace in a diverse range of devices, from interfacing with your TV remote to operating your microwave oven. Once limited to the realms of electronic design and development professionals, there are now thousands of varieties available on the market. Once limited to the realm of electronic design and development professionals, there are now thousands of varieties available on the market. Our company, with its consolidated experience in the firmware development sector, is able to develop from scratch the entire set of instructions capable of extracting the most from the component, guaranteeing it an extended life and performance always in line with specifications.

Hardware and Embedded Software Design

MBPower Engineering SRL development team have been involved in developing embedded systems for a variety of high technology devices. Our specialists have been in business since 1996 providing hardware and software solutions and we offer a start to finish implementation of product design and development. From concept and hardware design right through to application and user interface, we have it covered. We work closely with you to understand your project requirements, to ensure we develop the right solution for you and your business. We are able to provide the following activities on demand: Feasibility Studies, Analysing and Planning, Software / Firmware Design, Software / Firmware Development, Performance Optimisation, Implementation, Validation, Testing and Debugging, Updating legacy firmware, Firmware upgrade via multiple mediums (i.e. USB, Ethernet, Wireless), design involving with many communication mediums (such as Wireless, USB, Ethernet, WiFI, GSM, RS485 etc), design of on-board web servers for configuration and user interface, Real time operating systems (RTOS). Power Engineering SRL software development team applies years of research and knowledge toward designing and implementing embedded software optimised for real-time performance.

Company Quality System Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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ISO 14001:2015 Certification

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Web development

centOS / RHEL
APACHE Web Servers
Windows / IIS
Design "Mobile First"
Database BigDATA NoSQL
NodeJS Asynch Programming
NginX Reverse Proxy & LB
Telegram Bot

Firmware and Electronics

Embedded TCP/IP
Power Inverters
Analog Design
OrCAD / Eagle
RS232 / RS485 / RS422